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Tengu Fitness -Art of Functional Movement Academy holder i Follo og er drevet som privat klubb. Vre medlemmer kommer fra forskjellige fitnes bakgrunn, er i forskjellig alder. Faktum at trening hos oss passer alle uansett form - er vi utrolig stolt over. Kvalitett str alltid over kvantitett for oss. Timene vre kan beskrives som Semi Personal Training timer- du fr alltid veileding, sttte og motivasjon!!!

Vi legger fokus p:

riktig koordinasjon, teknikk og praktiske applikasjoner

fleksibilitet (streching velser)


styrke (trening med Mace, Bulava(short mace),Kettlebells, Clubs, rings, sandbags,dumbells,barbells, kroppsvekt)


meditasjon (puste velser, avspenning)

Det finnes mulighet for bestille Personnlig Trening timer med vre Coacher - Pawel, Tone, Fredrikk, Espen- Pris p PT er 600 per time.

Ta kontakt dersom du er interessert bli med p prvetime:

Pawel Widuto mob 90925106 eller

Timeplanen i 2016:

Mandag- 17-18 Art of Functional Movement AIR/WATER session -Pawel

20-21 Art of Functional Movement KETTLEBELL - Fredrik

Tirsdag- 19-20 Art of Functional Movement FIRE session- Pawel

20-21 Art of Functional Movement ARMED ( knife and stick)- Pawel

Onsdag- 17-18Art of Functional Movement AIR/WATER session -Pawel

20-21Art of Functional Movement KETTLEBELL- Tone

Torsdag- 20-21.30 Art of Functional Movement EARTH session- Pawel

Fredag - 18-19 Art of Functional Movement AIR/WATER session- Pawel

Lrdag - 11-12 AFM Martial Conditioning- Clint

Sndag -11.00-12.15 Art of Functional Movement SPIRIT session- Pawel


$ Recruit abonnement: 499 per mnd.

$ Mercenary abonnement: 1000 per mnd.- tilgang til Akademiet utenfor vanlige timer pluss 1 PT time i mnd. og oppflging.

Faktura kommer p mail 12. i mnd.

Timeplan og pmelding finner dere p vre Facebook Sider- Tengu Fitness

Priser p personlig trening:

Pawel Widuto - AFM Head Coach, CKT1,Crossfit lev1, Tacfit, CST, Nudda Fillipino boxing

Jrn-Oddvar Thorsen- Kettlebell -Strong First lev 2

1t- kr. 699

5t- 20 kr. 599 per time

20 timer +++ kr.549 per time


Pmelding til timer- vre Facebook Sider- Tengu Fitness

Alle er velkommen til ta gratis prveuke

Pris i prveperiode- 299 per mned ( 3 mnd- fakturert samlet)

Pris for barn under 16 r- 299 per mned hele ret.

Pawel Widuto

Headcoach og Daglig leder Tengu Fitness AFMA

du kan lese mer om konseptet her:

TOPIC: The Art of Functional Movement for martial arts - an unconventional approach

Pawel Widuto born 1977 Poland. CEO Tengu Fitness AS, Head Coach and cofounder of innovative system- Art of Functional Movement . Husband, Father, Warrior, Poet, Thinker, Mover.

Q1) Can you give us a brief background on yourself and how and when you got into martial arts?

My name is Pawel Widuto. Me and my UK friend, Head Coach Paul Gray from Firepower Gym are founders of system known as Art of Functional Movement

In the course of 10 years in fitness industry, I was trying out numerous systems. I believe one should learn from the best, that's why I started my adventure with Kettlebell under the watchful eye of Coach Allan Fallr, IKFF Norway. My Clubbell and tactical fitness education were under guidance of Scott Sonnon and Alberto Galazzi

Since being a kid, I practiced swimming, running, basketball, volleyball. Then, I became fascinated with martial arts I trained Karate Kyokushinkai for 5 years in the dojo of of Marek Wieczorek in Olsztyn. During my studies, I was also training with Renaissance fencing group (i.e. history reenactment group) - long sword was my primary weapon. In 2003, having just graduated from university, I came to Norway hoping I would find a place for me there. And I kept on practicing: first, Kickboxing at Andre Sollunds in Ski (Norway), next I sank into FMA -knife and stick were taught by Antonio Faedda in Sardinia still, there were many more coaches I owe loads of knowledge and sweat left on the mats.

4 years ago I have created Tengu Fitness Concept- initially a small group of students that grew quite fast. During one of my CST Certifications Ive met a great Coach from UK- Paul Gray, and after many long conversations, discussions and workshops conducted together we decided to create our own system we called "Art of Functional Movement". So for all of you out there scratching your heads- here it is: Tengu Fitness is who we are- Art of Functional Movement is what we do

I have called my training facility- Tengu Fitness- Art of Functional Movement Academy, while Paul Gray kept his main gym name- Firepower gym and added Art of Functional Movement Academy.

AFM would never came to life if it wasnt for us together.

Q2) What is Tengu Fitness and Art of Functional Movement system for Martial arts and how is it beneficial

Already in the beginning of our martial arts classes at Tengu Fitness I have noticed fantastic synergy of ballistic tool movement club swinging, kettlebell or the mace workouts with all the combat elements we have been working on.

Holistic approach is a key word in modern martial artist training - days of martial arts and weightlifting combo have passed, and athletes around the world started to use Functional Training approach to strengthen the core muscles, mental toughness, work mobility and stability of the joints in one workout.

We believe in holistic approach in martial arts conditioning; our system allows us to point out weak areas in our athletes and work on them.

We based our system on ELEMENT CYCLE circle of elements which we use for scheduling trainings, weekly and monthly periodization as well as diagnostic tool for our athletes development.

Definition of elements:

FIRE it defines our cardiovascular endurance, fat percentage, mental toughness. Trainings are short, 20-30 minutes, created on the basis of simple ,ballistic exercises with or without tools. Length of intervals and breaks in between influences the intensiveness of training which is the highest among four cycle elements.

WATER defines our mobility, smooth movement, changing positions, awareness of breathing and moving. It perfectly points out weak spots in our mobility. Trainings are usually built without tools, on the mats , based on yoga and pilates, but also martial arts eg. Indonesian silat.

EARTH defines our ability of fundamental movement, (deadlifts, squats, presses),but also our strength, muscles and tolerance of discomfort. Trainings are simple, with linear movement and big, usually submaximum weights. It takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour with longer breaks between series. It's medium-high intensity workout.

AIR defines our stability, balance, coordination, movement complexity, ability to control weights in different angles of space. Training is not only for body, it also engages mentally. Trainings are built on complex movements, often ballistic exercises engaging whole body in different planes. Medium intensity, highly technical.

Q3) Can you list at least 3 Art of Functional Movement exercises

One of the most basic Art of Functional movement exercises we use to balance our posture- is double club swing with its fantastic posterior chain activation, grip strength and cardiovascular endurance. This is a father of all club exercises and first element I'm teaching to new students.

My next favourite exercise is a club crucifix, building shoulder stability, core strength, grip strength and giving me a great opportunity to work with joint alignment of my students. There are many cool variants of this exercise- you can for instance try it from side plank position using just one club.

Q4) What Unconventional equipment do you use to aid function movement and why do you use them?

In Tengu Fitness AFMA we do not focus on the special tool. I strongly believe that there is NO perfect tool out there. There are tools more suitable for rotational movement, and there are tools that suit linear movement. Thats why we decided to focus on technique instead. In our hierarchy we always put technique before the tool choice and pick the tool that is the best for the purpose in the session

To answer your question directly- we use kettlebells, clubs, short maces (aka bulavas) , maces, sandbags, dumbbells, barbells, TRX and rings but we never choose technique to suit the tool- its the other way around.

Q5) Is Art of Functional Movement for Martial arts a full body workout and is it a practical application

Not only does training with maces and clubs strengthen and stabilize wrists, improve strength of grip, forearms, improve blood flow of shoulder joints, but also increases explosiveness of hit, general dynamics and improves your cardio vascular endurance. Its a perfect training for a modern warrior, but one should not neglect this form of training while recovering from injury, during rehabilitation when the most important thing is to recover full range of movement.

Q6) Besides Functional Movement ,what other training do you do that is unusual/ unconventional for example for full body conditioning, stamina, endurance, speed etc.

Since the AFM system is filling up my training week with really balanced classes and the only passive recovery day I have is Saturday- I often turn to Meditation or archery- which to be honest, is a form of meditation for me as well. This is the day to release the tension, let go of thoughts and stresses of the passed week- just like you release the arrow on the shooting range. This helps me to be mentally prepared for what life throws at me next week.

Q7) I have noticed that grip is often overlooked in Martial arts and conditioning even though it is from my experience essential, have you got any tips to get an iron vice grip (1-2 methods with 2-3 HD pics per exercise/method)?

You are totally correct. We are as strong as the weakest link of our body, we use to say. Grip is a often overlooked in fitness training in general and- believe me- there is no other tool that ban make your grip stronger than the club and mace training.My favourite grip exercises with kettlebells are crush grip swings and presses, when athlete have to control two kettlebell handles in one hand. I use usually two different weight kettlebells with heavier at the bottom and work with swings, presses, deadlifts and Turkish getups in 7-10 rep range.

Another great grip conditioning tool we often use is MACE .

Timesets at my classes last from 2,4,5 to as much as 10 minutes, hence offering training of high volume at minimal load for nervous system let alone the whole fun my clients have while learning new techniques with such a grip crushing, barbarian tool.

Me and my clients especially value the fact that mace introduces important elements which traditional fitness lacks, i.e. lots of grip strength, rotation and torque, and apart from providing better shape, whats obvious, it also helps to train stability, balance and movement quality.

Another advantage of this type of equipment is that it doesnt limit whole training to mere 7-10 repeated exercises. Working with mace is perfect when you plan group training including timesets, as it enables athletes to master the technique in their own flow.

Q8) Lastly have you got any ambitions and goals for the future for yourself and your gym?

I am blessed to live life I have dreamed of- 3 years ago I have decided to quit my day job and focus on coaching and providing classes for my students- it is never easy to step away from the safe income and comfortable chair of manager in the big corporation. Its scary and it takes balls.

I would never make it without a support of my dear wife Henriette and my son Oskar, my brother Tomasz, Paul Gray and all my students here in Norway and worldwide. Thank you all for believing in what we do, thank you for helping me to make a difference.

There is a bodyweight program Ive wrote and filmed available for download for you guys here

My ambition is to continue the work I'm doing in Norway and worldwide, travel with my UK Brother Paul Gray and deliver fantastic seminars, workshops and AFM Certifications worldwide. We have designed Tengu Clothing line and working with manufacturers to provide the market with Tengu Fitness Unconventional Training equipment like clubs and maces, which prototypes are already used in my gym and one of our AFM Academys in Poland (Gdansk). Art of Functional Movement Academys are already opened in Norway, UK, Scotland, Poland and we will see what year 2016 brings us.

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