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In search of training for life - Tengu Fitness.

Tengu Fitness- Art of Functional Movement Academy, Kolbotn, Norway. Its raining cats and dogs. Im coming inside, throwing soaked hood off my head. In the lobby, two young clients pass me by: they are chatting, obviously excited by todays pecks and biceps training - Im cracking a smile sooner or later, Im sure, theyll come to my classes. Im entering the already full room with music rumbling in the background and the trainees warming up. Its time to begin.
Thats right, Ive made it just in a couple of years after my arrival to Norway I became the headcoach and owner of Tengu Fitness, which I found myself. Im teaching functional training (kettlebells, clubbells, bodyweight) and combat system: AFM Combatives a hybrid of kickboxing,Nudda Fillipino boxing and selfdefence.

My classes, which last approximately 1,5hrs, include a warm-up (usually body weight), endurance (kettlebells, clubbells, battling ropes, medicin balls,steel maces) or technical part with partner (using focus mitts, shield and protectors) and relaxation (stretching, elements of yoga, meditation) these classes can be viewed on Facebook Tengu Fitness site. I also help my clients in the scope of diet and supplements I was deeply engaged in the subject as Im still concerned by the problem of overweight.
Elephant warrior

This obstacle forced me to start the adventure with sports. Since being a kid, I practiced swimming, running, basketball, volleyball. Then, I became fascinated with martial arts I sparred Karate Kyokushinkai for 5 years in the unit of Marek Wieczorek in Olsztyn. In 2003, having just graduated from uni, I came to Norway hoping I would find a place for me there. And I kept on practicing: first, Kickboxing at Andre Sollunds in Ski (Norway), next I sank into FMA and Wing-Tsun, and fell in love with it.

I met kettlebell thanks to my friend and todays mentor Allan Fallr from Trondheim, than I tried clubbell (steel club)... and I was hit. Met the creator of CST system- Scott Sonnon and Alberto Galazzi (European Director of Tacfit) and sterted to learn theis great system. Now I am certified instructor with good experience in both Kettlebells, CST Clubbells and Tacfit (Scott Sonnons Tactical Fitness system)
Training with these devices is way different than anything Ive known before in the scope of movement range, dynamics or endurance (muscle and psychic). And, though I considered myself rather strong, I was really surprised.

Magic balls and clubs

Not only does training with Kettlebells and Clubells strengthen and stabilize wrists, improve strength of grasp, forearms, improve blood flow of shoulder joints, but also increases explosiveness of hit, general dynamics and improves metabolism (intensive training with Kettlebells means about 1200 burnt calories). Its a perfect training for a modern warrior, but one should not neglect this form of training in post-injury state and during rehabilitation when the most important thing is to recover full movement range.
Pawe? Widuto

Founder and head instructor of Tengu Fitness Concept
Circular Strengh Training (CST) instructor
Tacfit Field instructor
Nudda Fillipino Boxing and Kaliradman aprentice instructor.
Kettlebell lev.2 instructor

Background - Kyokushin karate, Kickboxing, FMA

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